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SCHOLARSHIP Application:
club season

Below is the application to receive financial assistance for club tuition dues at Northeast Volleyball Club.  This must be completed on a computer as you'll need to upload your 1040/1040A tax forms for 2021.


For the 2022-2023 season please see below for specific deadlines. The Nectar Volley Fund board will meet to review all applications and make final decisions before the club season starts and will notify the families via email if they have received financial aid, and if so, how much.

  • U12-U14:  Application deadline Nov. 5/Aid awarded Nov. 9

  • U15:  Application deadline Nov. 12/ Aid awarded Nov. 16

  • U16-U18:  Application deadline Nov. 19/Aid awarded Nov 23


Your privacy is incredibly important to us. All applications will only be reviewed by the Nectar Volley Fund board members.

Step 1: Athlete Information

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