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SCHOLARSHIP Application:
club season

Please use this application to apply for financial aid for Boys and Girls Club Teams (total program invoice is over $1,000). For Classes and Fall Club teams, please use the shorter Classes financial aid application


Please note that you MUST register for club team tryouts separately through Northeast Volleyball Club - this application is for financial aid only. Applications are due BEFORE your team tryouts begin. This must be completed on a computer as you'll upload your 1040/1040A tax forms for ALL household members for 2022.

Please note that Northeast Volleyball Club will match all aid at 100%. For example, if you receive $400 in aid from the Nectar Volley Fund, you will receive an additional $400 in aid from Northeast Volleyball Club, for a total of $800 in financial aid. 

For the 2023-2024 season, please see below for specific deadlines. The board will meet to review applications and award aid ASAP after team selection and before the season starts. The Nectar Volley Board will notify the families via email if they have received financial aid.

Boys Teams Application Deadlines (Tryouts in October) 

  • U14-U16 Teams:  Application deadline Wed., Oct. 4/Aid awarded by Wed., Oct. 11

  • U17-U18 Teams:  Application deadline Wed Oct. 11/Aid awarded by Wed., Oct 18

  • Late applications may be received and reviewed on a rolling basis at the discretion of the board. 

Girls Teams Application Deadlines (Tryouts in November)

  • U12-U14:  Application deadline Sat., Nov. 4/Aid awarded by Sat., Nov. 11

  • U15:  Application deadline Sat., Nov. 11/ Aid awarded by Sat., Nov. 18

  • U16-U18:  Application deadline Wed, Nov. 15/Aid awarded by Sat., Nov. 25

  • Late applications may be received and reviewed on a rolling basis at the discretion of the board.

Your privacy is incredibly important to us. All applications will only be reviewed by the Nectar Volley Fund board members.

**Each athlete is eligible to receive financial aid for up to 3 classes or camps per year, in addition to any aid received for Winter club teams. 

Step 1: Athlete Information

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