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Mission Statement

Formed in 2020, Nectar Volley Fund is a 501c3 charitable organization that seeks to address the socioeconomic barriers to participation in club volleyball. Playing competitive volleyball can provide youth athletes with life-changing opportunities and relationships, and Nectar Volley Fund will provide more athletes with opportunities to play. Nectar Volley Fund’s mission is ensure youth athletes have access and opportunities to train and play competitive volleyball regardless of their financial circumstances, and to create an inclusive, positive, and accessible environment for youth volleyball athletes in our region.

Apply For Financial Aid
Financial aid is available for ALL programs (club season, camps & classes) at Northeast Volleyball Club in Norwalk, CT. For club volleyball season, online applications for financial aid will be available in the Fall. You may apply for financial aid at any time throughout the year for volleyball camps and classes.

Please note: Maximum number of classes eligible for aid is 3 per athlete a year.

  • All applications for financial aid (club season, camps, etc.) will require tax forms (1040 or 1040A).​

  • Due to NCAA rules, no full scholarships will be awarded for club volleyball tuition - uniform and travel expenses must be paid for by the athlete to maintain NCAA eligibility.

  • ​All applications are anonymous and confidential and will only be reviewed by the Nectar Volley Fund board.

About US

Nectar Volley Fund is a 501c3 charitable organization based in Fairfield County, CT that was formed in 2020. Operated by an independent, volunteer-based board, Nectar Volley Fund is affiliated with Northeast Volleyball Club which is based in Norwalk, CT.

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